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Athens, Pa 18810

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Welcome to

Pennsylvania Field and Creek Stone L.L.C

We’re located in Northeastern Pennsylvania just south of the Pennsylvania, New York border off from Route 17 & the Future I-86. Today we are now please to introduce our new line straight from the quarry. We can now provide you, with a variety of blue and gray, in tumbled stone, pattern, broken stand-up natural clef or sawn edge.

Paving stone is also available in octagons, hexagons and diamonds. We also carry treads, dimensional stone, mantels and more for your building and hard-landscape projects, all special sizes to fit your specifications. Of course we still have and carry all are regular wall stone, landscapers and steppers that are acquired from the hills, fields and creeks of Bradford County.

Craig still stacks the stone that he offers and as he puts it “I wouldn’t ask anyone to do something that he isn’t willing to do himself.” He still makes frequent visits to the job sites where his trusted crew is stacking in the fields or creeks, but spends most of his time at the quarry. Take a tour of his web site to view full range photos; prices are also available for you convenience.

What ever your project, we are sure to continue and provide you with

Grade “A” quality natural stone and service.

Craig Wilkinson


Pennsylvania Field & Creek Stone

Wilkinson : 488 Riverside Drive, Athens, Pa 18810

Pennsylvania Field and Stone Creek
Phone : (607) 727 - 8885